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Monday, February 6, 2017

Today's post is a do-it-yourself tutorial. Something that I haven't done yet on my blog. I'm sure you've seen this DIY around Pinterest as it's quite well known for being both practical and ornamental. This desk calendar is quick, simple and doesn't require any expensive materials! 

Here's what you'll need...

A wooden picture frame (remove the glass)
3 metal hooks
26 white gift tags
Gold foil stickers (letters and numbers)

1. Once you've gathered your equipment, make sure 3 of your gift tags can fit inside the frame. 

2. After that's been checked, you can insert the 3 hooks. You can either space them evenly or distance the first hook slightly so the month and date are more separate. 

3. Divide the 26 gift tags into piles of 12, 10 and 4. Use your stickers to label the tags. The 12 are for the months, the 10 are for numbers 0-9 and the 4 are for numbers 0-3. 

4. Hang your tags on the hooks and you're done! It's a great addition to any office space and you'll never not know the date again!

Hope you enjoyed this quick and easy DIY! 

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