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Saturday, June 24, 2017

In life, everybody has their share of good days and not-so-good days. Today's post is all about the latter. Personally, I don't think I handle my bad days as well as I should. If my day starts off on the wrong foot, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth from that moment on. Suddenly I'm expecting everything else to go wrong and because I'm in that mindset, the day is unsurprisingly full of slip-ups. That's how powerful your thoughts are. I need to stop letting one negative experience overrule the rest of my day. Just because a day starts off unlucky, doesn't mean it has to end that way. 

1. Acknowledge Your Emotions
When you're upset, you tend to brush your feelings aside. You try to suppress the embarrassment, frustration, betrayal or disappointment and in doing so, allow the feeling to have a lasting effect. Sometimes shedding some tears makes all the difference. Instead of letting the emotion linger inside, cry it out.

2. Connect With Others
Socialising and getting together with friends is the perfect distraction for a bad day. You can always count on those closest to you to know how to make you smile. If something is still bothering you and you can't seem to shake it from your conscious then I'm sure the group wouldn't mind if you shared it. Everybody needs to vent every once in a while. 

3. Try Being Productive 
Tackle the chores and responsibilities you've been avoiding for quite some time, such as tidying your room or cleaning your wardrobe. By getting things done, you'll be able to take your mind away from your worries as well as work towards the most rewarding outcome possible.  

4. Get Active
Exercise is really important, especially if you're not in the best state of mind. Keep it fast paced so that you can refrain from dwelling too much on negative thoughts. By the end of the workout you should feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. 

5. Do Something Nice 
If you're really feeling down, doing a good deed for someone else is sure to lift your spirits. It may not magic all your problems away, but it will definitely leave you feeling more accomplished than you did before. 

6. Relax
Take some time out of your day to stress-relieve. Sit down and watch a film or run yourself a bubble bath. Adding a little bit of relaxation into your day is sure to boost your mood and just because your day hasn't been going to plan, doesn't mean you're undeserving of the treatment.

I hope you found this post useful. If you think that a bad day is a bad day and nothing can change that, think again. Sometimes breaking out of that mindset is all you need to turn your not-so-good day around. 

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Friday, June 16, 2017

When you're young, it's your likes that determine what you want to be when you're older. If you enjoy being around animals, you want to be a vet. If you like food and baking, you want to be a chef. For me, I loved painting and because of this, I wanted nothing more than to spend my adult years in front of a easel, exercising my imagination with a brush and canvas. As you get older your mindset towards jobs definitely changes. Instead of focusing purely on interest, I began to take other factors into account such as income and pay, the chances of getting the career, and the length of training required for the role. What I liked and most enjoyed kept getting pushed further and further to the back of my mind, becoming less and less of a priority. Instead of thinking about what I wanted to pursue, I kept thinking about what I had to pursue in order to live a somewhat comfortable life.

As I grew up, I slowly drifted away from the idea of pursuing a creative career and before I knew it, I had my heart set on becoming a doctor. Thinking back, I can't really remember what set off this change in career paths. I was still extremely passionate about art but for the some reason, I didn't think becoming an artist was a realistic job prospect to have. Math and science weren't  - and still aren't -  my strongest subjects yet with a career in medicine in mind, I persisted through and through. The fact that I didn't enjoy either of these subjects should of indicated to me that my true career lied elsewhere. This, and the fact that whenever I tried to imagine my doctor self, I really struggled to conjure up that image. I began to realise that if I couldn't even visualise myself as a doctor, there was no way that I wanted the job enough nor would be willing to do everything it took to fulfil the role. I didn't try to make myself like the idea of becoming a doctor. That was where I drew the line. If the burning desire wasn't then I there was nothing else I could do for it.

As a kid,  being an artist was the only creative job I thought existed. At 5 years old, graphic designers, animators, illustrators and bloggers were completely unheard of. Nowadays, these are the careers I care more than anything about. One of my favourite sayings is, "Do what you you love and the rest will follow." For me, I really enjoy being creative, thinking outside the box and working with my hands. These are what make me most happy and I will remember these three things as the boxes I need ticked off when looking into potential job/occupations. Essentially, I've become my younger self again. I know what I like, my hobbies and my interests and I trust in these to help me find the career of my dreams.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Today's post is all about blog props! I love blog photography and one of my favourite parts of posting a new blog post every week, is putting together a nice set up for the photo. There's nothing more satisfying than creating the perfect layout or finding just the right combination of objects. 

Backgrounds: Use These as a Base
Patterned Paper
For a glossy effect, find paper with gold foil or holographic accents.
Chopping Boards
You'll find there are some really nice marble and wooden chopping boards out there.
Fluffy Blankets
These give off a nice textural effect but aren't too distracting to the eye.
Pretty Plates
They make a nice central prop for the rest of your objects.
You can lay different objects across the page or use cutouts to make collages.
For a background that really pops, scatter a layer of confetti. 

Props: Use These as Your Primary Props
Artificial Flowers
You can put them in a nice vase or lay them bunched together in the corner. 
Use notebooks with eye catching covers or inspirational quotes on the front.
You can either show the laptop as a whole or focus on one aspect such as the keyboard. 
Fairy Lights
Leave a trail of soft light around the rest of your props. 
Polaroid Camera
Sit it alongside a pile of your favourite polaroids. 
These are nice to place in corners or off to the sides.

Extras: Use These as Your Secondary Props
Especially if you've used a lot of neutral coloured props, add them for some splashes of colour.
Paper Clips
If you're not too keen on the traditional paper clips, there are plenty of other fun shapes to look into.
Sprinkle rings and charms around for a more glitzy, glam aesthetic.
You can use it to create a nice border around a certain object or just drape it from one corner of your set up to the next. 
Washi Tape
You can't go wrong with a strip of cute washi tape. 
Scrapbook Die Cuts
These come in a range of designs and styles, they'll be plenty for you to choose from. 

What's your favourite blog prop to use?

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