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Friday, April 21, 2017

Getting part-time work can be tough especially when you're starting out and looking for your first paid job. This is because most employers look for those who have been previously hired making it harder for those who've never been employed, to get work. In most cases, you need experience to get experience however getting a first job is definitely doable and with a little persistence, you'll soon find your way into the workplace.

Keep an Eye Out For Any Open Positions
Job vacancies are actually easier to find than you'd think. You just have to know where to look. Like with most other things, I'd turn to the internet first. Online sites are a great because they're able to narrow down your options for you, helping you find a job result that both interests you and works with your schedule. After online sites, I'd probably check social media as most companies post any open positions they have on their pages. Then if I still hadn't found a suitable job opening, I'd turn to the more traditional places such as newspapers and shop windows. 

Communication is Key
Don't be afraid to get in touch with businesses you'd really like to be a part of. Even if they haven't advertised an open position, it's never a bad idea to share your interest in employment with them. Though it's likely they will turn you down - which is understandable if they're not hiring at the moment - it doesn't hurt to leave your CV with them in case they need someone to help out in the future. While you can flick them a friendly email with you resume attached, sometimes going in and talking to them personally makes a really nice first impression.

Talk to Your Family And Friends
Get in touch with those who have already been through the job hunting process before. They're sure to have some good advice for you. And if you're keen to work at a company a friend or family member is part of, tell them. That way you'll be able to hear about possible job openings first hand. They may even be willing to recommend you to their employer themselves. As well as talking to the employees you know, talk to any business owners you know also. If you have a friend or relative that runs a company you think would be the ideal workplace for you, arrange a meet-up and let them know you're looking for part-time work. If you're really close to them, it's likely you won't have to worry too much about the interview/introduction process which definitely takes some of the pressure of you. 

I hope this post was helpful if you're still on the job hunt. Do you have a part-time job? If so, what is it?

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Friday, April 14, 2017

I'm someone who's constantly drawn towards any artsy task or project. Whenever there's opportunity to express my creativity or think outside the box, I'm always willing to take it. While I would describe myself as "creative" there are definitely times where I feel like my imagination has deserted me. Because I don't think I'm alone in getting this feeling, I decided to dedicate today's post to overcoming creative block.

1. Make a Mood Board
Doing some visual research is always a good place to start. Find artist models online that you can draw ideas from. Print off some of their designs and stick them to a pin board along with some motivational quotes, magazine clippings and a selection of your favourite photographs. I love being able to refer back to a mood board whenever I'm in need of inspiration.

2. Get Outdoors
If you've been sitting at a desk for a majority of the day, whether that's in an office or classroom, it may be time for a change in scenery. While a walk around the block usually gets the job done, I find scenic trails a great source of inspiration. Take a chance to really focus on your surroundings. When I go on these nature walks, I like to let my mind wander. Instead of forcing inspiration, I let it come naturally. Usually my best ideas come when I least expect them to.

3. Go to the Library
Reading is great way to help generate ideas. When you open a book, you're opened up to a whole new world of possibilities. Books are pretty much snippets of a person's imagination so what better place than a library to spark your own creativity. Libraries are great because their supply is so big and varied therefore you're almost always guaranteed to find something somewhere.

4. Put Pen to Paper
Keep a notebook with you at all times. As I've said before, inspiration can come at random. So make sure you're ready for it when it does. Anything that makes you stop and think, write it down. It's a good idea to record your ideas as soon as you get them because sometimes they disappear just as quickly as they come. Even the most crazy and impossible ideas can reawaken the imagination which will then go on to boost your creativity levels. 

5. Go to Bed
I know sleeping is probably the last thing you want to do but most of the time that overnight break is all you need to start that creative flow up again. Just because you're stepping away from something for the time being, doesn't mean you're forgetting about it for good. Don't feel bad about going to bed with your project unfinished because letting yourself sleep on your ideas will put you in the best possible mindset for the next morning.

Have I missed anything? Let me know if you do any of these or if you do something I haven't included!

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Blogging relies a lot on connection and interaction. In order to get to know you're readers/other bloggers, you have to allow them to get to know you and sometimes finding that common ground is the first step to an online friendship. I liked the idea of sharing 10 facts about myself and while I struggled a bit around the 8th/9th point, I really enjoyed writing today's post. 

1) I'm obsessed with pigs, especially teacup pigs. A teacup pig is my dream pet. 

2) I'm really bad at finishing book series/trilogies. I prefer independent novels because you know you'll get a somewhat satisfying conclusion at the end.

3) I'm very indecisive. For example, I'll spend ages in one shop tossing up between two items I want to buy and then leave the store having bought something completely different instead.

4) I was born in New Zealand.

5) I've done ballet for over 10 years of my life. I only stopped this year so I could focus on design and finding a part-time job.

6) I can say the alphabet backwards. My friend taught me a couple of years ago and it's stuck with me ever since.

7) I'm short sighted but I wear night contacts that improve my vision while I sleep.

8) I love buying room decor and spend a majority of my savings on pretty fairy lights and pastel coloured desk accessories and throw pillows. 

9) I'm an introvert. I take a while to warm up to people and can be a little awkward at times. 

10) I hate clowns, planes and going to the dentist. They're my three worst fears. 

I hope you liked this post! Tell me something about yourself down below!

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