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Friday, August 24, 2018

If you've read "My Favourite Pastel Coloured Fashion Items", you'll know that I've been trying to brighten up my wardrobe. Something that I've noticed since starting at a design school is that all the students are very expressive with their clothing choices. This is something that I really want to be able to reciprocate as I feel like it's such a great way to show off your creative self. As well as introducing pastels into my wardrobe, I've also started to bring in pattern. More specifically, floral patterns. Here are some of my favourite floral clothing items at the moment. 

Pink Dress


Long Sleeved Top

Black Dress

Thanks for reading today's post! Do you like these kind of fashion posts? Let me know down below! 

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Friday, August 17, 2018

We're about two thirds of the way through the year which means it's time for progress report #2! I found it extremely beneficial reflecting on the first four months of having my 2018 goals so I didn't see why a second one shouldn't be just as useful. If you'd like to check out my first progress report, you can click this link here. I'm wondering whether I've continued moving forward with some of these goals or maybe taken a few steps back. This is what makes these update posts so interesting. You're able to monitor your progress so carefully. I'm looking forward to writing my final one at the end of this year. Hopefully everything is where it should be by then!

1. Drink More Water Throughout The Day
I've definitely recognised an improvement in this resolution. My drink bottle, which used to be still 3/4 full at the end of the day, is now completely empty by mid-day/the afternoon! I've really made a habit of bringing out my drink bottle as much as possible and now I can see that my efforts are paying off. 

2. Get my Restricted License
I've been driving quite a bit since I got my restricted. For some reason, I was a little hesitant to get back on the road after completing my test however my parents really encouraged me to keep up with my driving. And that's what I've been doing. Now I feel completely comfortable driving alone. It's a really great feeling to have. 

3. Commit to my Bullet Journal
This resolution has been going pretty well, like it was in progress report #1. As predicted, I've been able to stick with it all this time and on those rare occasions that I do miss a day or two, it doesn't take too long for me to get everything up to date again. 

4. Learn How to Cook
A little while ago, I had the opportunity to flat for a month with my friend. During this time, I learnt a lot about cooking/preparing meals. Each night, one of us would make something for the two of us. While my friend's meals were fairly advanced, I stuck with the basic pasta and rice dishes. For dinner one time, I found a mac and cheese recipe online and whipped it together in just under an hour. I was really proud of how it turned out. I feel like this resolution is definitely getting somewhere, for sure!

5. Time Manage my Blog Posts Better
In my last progress report, this resolution hadn't really been working out for me and I'm sad to say that the results haven't changed one bit. Here I am again, writing this post on the day it's supposed to be up. I feel like it's definitely starting to take a toll on the way I feel about blogging. If anyone has advice on how to time manage blog posts effectively, please leave it in the comment section below! It'd be much appreciated!  

6. Be More Active on Social Media
These past few weeks, I've been so busy with Uni that I haven't been as present on social media as I usually am. I still make a point of sharing my blog posts on Twitter and Instagram however checking these platforms is definitely not much of a priority these days. I think that once the mid semester break comes around, this resolution will be back on track once more.
Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Coming up with new blog content can prove difficult at times. Especially when life gets hectic and your brain is trying to juggle a million other things. I've been really busy recently which is why blog post ideas haven't been coming to me as often as normal. When this happens, there are a couple of things I like to do to get the ball rolling. If you're in a similar position to me and have a lot on your plate at the moment, here are 4 ways to come up with blog post ideas both quickly and easily. 

Watch YouTube 
YouTubers are getting more outrageous and creative with their content with every passing day. Because of this, it's a great platform to get inspiration from. While YouTubers and bloggers work in two very different ways, there is still that same purpose of wanting to produce fun/interesting content for their audience. Because of this, I still think it's possible to base a blog post off a YouTube video and still get a really similar outcome.  

Reflect on Your Week
If you want a more personal approach towards coming up with blog post ideas, use a weekly journal. Every day write a bullet pointed list of the things that happened to you. Consider each thing carefully and if something you put down really resonates with you then make the most of it and just run with it. It's always nice to write about something when the experience is fresh in your mind and this is a really great way to do so. 

Look at Past Content 
There are plenty of ways to make use of old blog posts. If you really enjoyed writing a particular post, make a 'Part Two' building on from what you've already written. If you wrote about something in the past that you completely disagree with now, talk about how your feelings towards this subject have changed. If you have a post that you think is really important to share and discuss but the information is slightly outdated, write a more recent version. Your blog archives are a great place to get inspired so definitely refer back to it when you can. 

Read Other People's Blogs
It's completely okay to want to write a certain type of post after reading it on another person's blog. If it's a topic that excites you or something that you feel like you could talk about for hours on end then there should be nothing stopping you from logging on to your blog and getting started. While copying word for word is completely unacceptable, offering your own ideas or opinions on the subject is perfectly fine. There should definitely be a level of respect when recreating another person's post on your own site. As long as you've put your own unique spin on things, then no harm's been done. 

Thanks for reading! What do you do if you're struggling to come up with blog post ideas? Let me know down below!

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

In my opinion, there's no other accessory quite like the watch. As well as being extremely useful, they're also very versatile and can work with pretty much any outfit. For today's quiz, I'm going to be focusing on a specific brand of watches. Welly Merck is a Switzerland based company with a very inspirational origin story. To Merck and his wife Welly, their watch line is a symbol of the hardships they overcame. The watches are all stunning in design and their unique features definitely make them stand out from the crowd. I'm excited to hear what Welly Merck watch you end up with! Definitely let me know your results down below! 

1. I want my watch to show I'm...

A) Fun.
B) Sophisticated. 
C) Professional. 
D) Approachable.

2. My favourite type of bracelet is the... 
A) Beaded bracelet.
B) Tennis bracelet.
C) Cuff bracelet. 
D) Charm bracelet. 

3. When I'm not at home, I spend a lot of time...
A) Outdoors. 
B) In the city. 
C) At work.
D) In a classroom. 

4. When it comes to accessorising, the _________ the better.
A) More outrageous
B) Sparklier 
C) More subtle 
D) Simpler

5. A majority of my jewellery is...
A) Stainless steel. 
B) Sterling silver. 
C) Yellow gold. 
D) Rose gold. 

6. The nail colour that I love wearing is...
A) Rose red. 
B) Milky white. 
C) Cocoa brown.
D) Bubblegum pink. 

7. I like a watch that...
A) Suits my personal style.  
B) Has a large watch face. 
C) Is comfortable to wear. 
D) Is very lightweight.

8. I keep all my jewellery...
A) On a jewellery tree. 
B) In my vanity draw. 
C) In my jewellery box.
D) On a trinket tray.

9. When it comes to the watch strap, I'd prefer it was...
A) Patterned. 
B) Mesh.
C) Thick.
D) Coloured.

10. The country I am most intrigued by is...
A) New Zealand.
B) America.
C) Netherlands.
D) Portugal. 

You Should Buy The _________ Watch.

(Mostly A's)
Classic Auckland
Classic Auckland S | 36 mm

(Mostly B's)
Fighter New York
Fighter Los Angeles | 26 mm

(Mostly C's)
Classic Amsterdam 
Classic Amsterdam R | 36 mm

(Mostly D's)
Fighter Lisbon
Fighter Lisbon | 26 mm

Definitely check out Welly Merck's site if you'd like to take a closer look at any of the watches. I've only shown you a snippet of what's on offer. There's plenty more to discover on their website! For today's post, Welly Merck has kindly given me a discount code to share with you all! To get 15% off your order just type Annie-15 at the checkout. Thanks for taking the quiz!

* Welly Merck provided me with this affiliate code. All opinions are 100% my own. *
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