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Friday, August 2, 2019

As much as I enjoy digital illustration, I know it's important to practice the traditional methods as well. This is why I make sure to keep up with my analogue sketches alongside my iPad drawings. For today's post, I thought I'd share what's in my pencil case. You'll also be able to see what my favourite equipment for illustrating is.

For my initial sketches, I have a normal lead pencil and a mechanical pencil. I usually switch between the two. It just depends on what I feel like using that day. My eraser isn't too special, just a plain white rectangle, but it does the job pretty well. 


A majority of my pencil case is made up of markers. I have my two tombow brush pens and a copic ciao. I use the copic for colouring skin and the tombow brush pens for shading. Basically all I draw nowadays are people and figures so these pens are essential. I've also got a range of different coloured highlighters and felt tips for colouring in outfits and backgrounds.

Finally, I have my black fineliners for outlining and my white gel pen for highlights. These are what I use last. If you've read my Bullet Journal Essentials post, you'll have seen these pens already. It's great that I can use them for both sketching and journalling.

Thanks for reading!
Q: What's your favourite pen brand?

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Saturday, July 27, 2019

I used to hate watching tv shows. 

Maybe I just had a really short attention span back then but I used to get so bored of the same characters and storyline that I never got to the end of a series. My family got Netflix last year and since then, my attitude towards tv shows has changed dramatically. I still tend to avoid shows that exceed 5 or 6 seasons but nowadays, I'm more likely to choose a tv show over a movie and that's something I definitely wouldn't have done a couple of years ago. In today's post, I'm going to be sharing 5 shows that I love so much and would recommend to anyone and everyone. I'm going to keep the descriptions brief as I tend to spoil things quite easily. 

1. Sense8
This is a Netflix Original series and when I first started watching, I was a little hesitant at first. It took a couple of episodes for me to get my head around the main concept of the show but once I did, I was hooked. Basically the series follows 8 individuals from all around the world. Each of the characters have their own story whilst being part of one massive story as well. I think the best thing about this show was the main cast. I promise you, you'll fall in love with the characters so quickly. 

2. The Good Place
The idea behind this show is so clever. It portrays a completely different afterlife to what you're probably used to seeing. It also takes a more comedic approach which I thought made it a lot more lighthearted and easier to digest. I absolutely loved Kristen Bell in this series. She's such an amazing actress. The characters are also super loveable and very, very different from one another. 

3. W - Two Worlds Apart
This was the first k-drama I ever finished. I've watched a couple of k-dramas since this one but to me, none of them compare. The story is so unique. In a nutshell, it's about a doctor who falls into her father's webtoon and gets close to the main protagonist of the comic. It's cute and a little cheesy at times but I think that's why I like it so much. 

4. The Society
I've heard people describe this show as a combination of The Maze Runner, Lord of the Flies and Lost. It took me a little while to properly get into this series because unlike the last three, I found the characters a little harder to like. Most of the characters ended up being okay in the end though. When I first finished the series, I researched into all the different theories. There are definitely some far fetched ones out there but there are a couple that I could totally see being right. 

Thanks for reading!
Q: What's your favourite tv show ever?

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

This week has been an interesting one.

Two things happened on Monday. The first was that I started back at Uni. The second was that my family jetted off to Aussie leaving the house to me for a week. For five whole days, I got to experience what living on your own feels like. Because I'm so used to sharing my house with four other people, it was definitely a little disconcerting to come back from the airport to nothing but silence. I thought I'd hate how quiet the house was all the time but after a day, I found I didn't really miss the noise and chaos too much. 

I think there's definitely a difference between living alone and flatting. There's a lot of self discipline involved with having a place to yourself. It really keeps you on your toes. There's no one to remind you to throw away expired groceries or close all the lights before going to sleep. Since I flatted for a month last year, it was interesting to be able to compare my two experiences. 

Because it was still my childhood home, nothing was too unfamiliar to me. I could still go about my day to day routine like normal. The only thing that was different was the absence of my parents and brothers. Because I know my home like the back of my hand, this probably made it a less accurate representation of what living alone is actually like. Nonetheless, it was still a great learning experience for me. The main thing I realised was that I'm not as unprepared for moving out as I initially thought I was. I'm actually perfectly capable of managing and maintaining a place of my own. Moving out is always at the back of my mind and even though I don't know exactly how far into the future it's going to happen, it's nice to do things like this so I sort of know what to expect. 

Thanks for reading!
Q: Have you lived/do you live by yourself? 

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Friday, July 12, 2019

In just a few short days, I'll be back at Uni for my second semester!

I know most people probably don't want to be thinking about school while on holiday but I think it's important to dedicate just a couple of days to getting ready for your first day. It doesn't hurt to make sure things are in order. That way everything should run like clockwork from the moment you start back. Here are three tips to prepare for back to school!

Set Your Alarm
One of the best parts of being on holiday is staying bed til noon. In saying that though, you want to make the transition from holiday mode to study mode as smooth as possible. My number one bit of advice, if you've gotten so used to sleeping in, is to start setting your alarm for early. The weekend before you're due to start, make an effort to get up like you would for school. That way it's not such shock having to wake up on day one of your new semester. 

Write Down Your Timetable
Before you start back, get to know your timetable. There's nothing worse than arriving to a class late or not knowing where the actual location of a class is. Get out your yearly diary and jot down when and where you have each of your different classes. It's always good to check through this properly in case there are any problems with your timetable that need sorting. I also like to take note of any important dates or events that may be happening during the semester. 

Organise All Your Equipment 
Make sure you have everything you need for all your different classes. This includes any textbooks, stationery, or items of clothing. Look carefully at the list of requirements so you don't miss anything out or face any surprises on your first day back. I always find this step really enjoyable because I can use it as an excuse to go on school-related shopping spree! 

Thanks for reading!
Q: What's a tip you have for going back to school?

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Friday, July 5, 2019


So if you look at the date of my previous post, you'll see that I've missed quite a few weeks of posting. I've been going through a really weird patch with my blog but I think I've managed to push past it now. My Uni break is coming to an end and even though I'm sad to lose my sleep ins, I'm glad to be able to start studying again. 

During my break, I was able to fly to Auckland for a shopping trip with my friend. Of course, I had to take some photos while I was there. The Sky Tower was definitely the subject of many of my photos. Probably because I saw it every day while I was in Auckland. Our hotel was super close to the Sky Tower so it was a great landmark for when we were lost and couldn't find our way back. I've only shared three photos here but trust me when I say there are many more on my camera and phone. The other photos are just ones I took around the CBD and Auckland Harbour. 



Thanks for checking out this week's post! 
Q: Have you travelled to Auckland before?

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Friday, June 14, 2019

It seems like everyone I know is sick at the moment. Even I'm sick at the moment. I think it's typical around this time of year. Winter is just around the corner and with the amount of cold and rainy days we've been having recently, I don't think anyone's going to forget that anytime soon. Here are some ways I got through my sick day at the start of this week. 

1. Drink Lots

Staying hydrated is super important, especially when you're sick. Getting lots of fluids is a vital part of the "getting better" process. It helps to flush out all the bad stuff from your body. Try to stick with water if you can. I like to add a slice of lemon for a bit of extra taste. On top of this, you could add honey and ginger if you feel like something more. I know that lemon, honey and ginger water is a popular remedy drink for when you're feeling ill. Stay away from coffee and fizzy drinks. 

2. Stay in Bed
Get as much rest as possible. Don't dismiss your sickness. If you're not feeling 100%, just stay in bed. Sometimes getting up and going out only makes things worse. The only time I'll take a nap during the day is if I'm sick. But it really does make a difference. I took a solid two hour nap on my sick day and I felt a lot better than what I felt like in the morning. 

3. Keep Everything You Need Close by
Depending on your illness, set up a little bedside table of everything you need. Tissues are a must-have and if you have medication, keep a large drink bottle nearby as well. Make sure you're well stocked up on everything so you don't have to keep making several trips back and forth. If you need more of something, make sure to call a family member or friend to retrieve it for you as soon as they can. 

4. Binge-watch Your Favourite Shows
If you can't sleep, it's good to distract your mind so you're not constantly thinking about your sickness. When you're not focusing on your symptoms, it's easier to pretend they're not there. Having your favourite tv show playing is sure to keep your mind busy while also making you feel slightly happier in the process. 

Thanks for reading!
Q: When was the last time you had a sick day?

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Friday, June 7, 2019

After a stressful couple of weeks, I'm happy to report that semester one of 2019 is officially done and dusted. I'm excited to get back into the blogging swing of things and start creating content on here once again. 

In today's post, I'm going to be talking about a pair of writing gloves I received from the online store Literary Book Gifts. As an enthusiastic writer and avid reader, the web store name itself hooked me in right away. I was so excited to receive these gloves and am so thankful to Melissa, the founder, for sending them out to me. They couldn't of come in the mail at a better time. The weather where I live has been horrific recently, so I've been trying to stock up on all the winter clothing I can find. 

The first thing that really pleased me was the colour. On the website, you have the option to choose from 13 different colours. I went for Light Heather Grey. It's quite a safe colour which means if I wanted to wear these gloves with an already completed outfit, they're less likely to clash with the overall look. 

I love that these gloves are fingerless. I definitely prefer fingerless over normal whole hand gloves. In fact, all the gloves I own at the moment are cut off at the fingers. It's a million times easier to write with a pen when your fingers have a better grip. These gloves definitely take this into consideration. I was also super stoked with the fit. They're tight and snug which means they trap heat in and prevent cold air from getting through. I was quite surprised by how long the bottom of the gloves were. I didn't expect them to cover so much wrist but I actually really like that they do. 

The material is very pliable and lightweight so perfect for throwing in your pocket when you don't need them. If you prefer gloves that are somewhat firmer, these gloves may not be a right fit for you. They're made of 35% cashmere wool which I thought was pretty good. I'm always interested in what percentage of certain materials are used. Overall, I really like the way these gloves feel and look. They'll definitely be keeping my hands toasty and warm these next couple of months!

Q. Do you prefer fingerless or whole hand gloves?
Thank you again to Melissa! Definitely check out Literary Book Gifts if you have the chance!

* I received this item in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own. *
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Friday, May 17, 2019

As a design student, I feel like I have a pretty good set of creative skills under my belt. That doesn't mean I'm not willing to add more though. Here are 5 skills I really want to learn how to do whether than be in a classroom environment or at home. 

1. Hand Embroidery
This is one of those things that I've been meaning to try but just haven't had the time or resources to do so. I see all these incredible designs pop up on my Pinterest feed from time to time and it makes me want to learn so badly. I'm hoping to go to my local craft shop sometime soon and pick up an embroidery hoop and some different coloured thread. Then once the mid-year break comes around, I'll have no excuse not to give it a go. 

2. DSLR Cameras
I'm definitely very capable with the camera I own at the moment but that's because it's the most basic camera ever. It used to be the whole family's and we bought it all the way back in 2012 or 2013. It still produces decent quality photos but because it's just a normal digital camera, it functions quite differently from a DSLR. I took a photography course for a very short time at Uni last year but I can't say I took a lot away from those classes. I really want to learn how to use a DSLR properly so I can take more professional looking photos for both my blog and other things. 

3. Animation
This was another creative skill that I encountered last year at Uni. We had to use Adobe After Effects to create a very short animation for one of our designs. I actually really enjoyed bringing a static image to life. Since then, I haven't had much to do much animation but I'd really love to get back into it again. 

4. Jewelry Making
A couple of months ago, my friend and I had a craft day where we made our own earrings. It was a great time! Earrings were a definitely a great introduction to jewelry making but I'd love to make something slightly more advanced like a necklace or bracelet. I really want to experiment more with wire and beading. I have so many pretty beads and charms from my childhood that I could use. 

5. Cake Decorating
I've been loving cake decorating shows recently. Some of those cakes are honestly works of art! Like things you'd expect to see in a glass cabinet in a museum. I really want to take a cake decorating course one day. Even though baking isn't exactly my forte, decorating is where I think the real fun begins anyway. I love how creative people get with their cake designs. It's so inspiring! 

Q: What's a creative skill you want to pick up?
Thanks for reading!  

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Saturday, May 11, 2019

As much as I love tidying my room, I know many consider it the biggest of chores. 

I'm sure there was a time in my life when I didn't love making my bed or organising my desk but I honestly don't recall it. I feel like packing up after myself and making things look presentable are two rules that have been engrained in me from a very young age. My mum definitely played a massive role in this. She's the most organised person I know and I think over time, her tidiness just started to rub off on me. 

If you're someone that finds cleaning their room a mission and a half (and honestly, it's okay if you do!), this post is just for you. Here are four ways to make tidying your room fun!

Incorporate a Theme
A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning my room and decided I wanted to change the colour scheme. It used to be all about the pastels, now I've narrowed it down to three main colours; pink, grey and white. I think it's important to give your room personality. Your theme doesn't necessarily have to revolve around colour, it could showcase a specific season or holiday, your favourite TV show or a hobby you really enjoy. Your room is a space meant just for you. Don't be afraid to put your own creative spin on it!

Do it With a Friend
Having a friend by your side makes everything 10 times better. Rather than dreading the tidying process, turn it into an excuse to hang with your bestie. I've done this before with a couple of my friends. It's great because after a while it stops feeling like a cleaning job and more like a normal hang out. Don't forget to play some tunes while you're at it. It really helps to keep the mood upbeat. 

Reorganise Decor
If you're tidying your space, definitely use it as a chance to shuffle things around. Tidying doesn't just have to be about putting things back where they belong. You can make it a lot more interesting by rearranging your room decor. I do this all the time. I look at what I have on display and then I like to place it somewhere new to see if it looks better or worse. Reorganising things should help keep you on your toes and stop you from losing interest in the actual cleaning. 

Take a Before And After Picture
I always forget to do this with my room but I've done it with a couple of other things I've tidied. It's nice to have a visual representation of your progress. It also gives you an incentive to clean that little bit harder. The more dramatic the change is between the two photos, the more accomplished you should feel. 

Q: Do you enjoy cleaning your room?
Thanks for reading!

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Friday, April 26, 2019

I love reading. It's one of my favourite pastimes. 

When I pick up a paperback, I instantly feel relaxed and at ease. For me, nothing can replace the feel of a physical book. I recently visited a second-hand book store at this little town an hours drive from my home and picked up a couple of books while I was there. There was such a great selection of books to choose from! At an ordinary book store, I don't really like to buy several books at once but at a second-hand bookstore, it's a completely different story. You can get the most amazing bargains. In fact, the amount I paid for all four books is the same amount I'd pay for one brand new. 

With that being said, here are the books I decided on. 

Room - Emma Donoghue
I heard about this book way back in high school and have been meaning to read it ever since. I know there's a film based on it so I'd love to watch it after reading this. The plot sounds very intriguing to me. I have a feeling it'll be one of those books you finish in one sitting. 

Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan
I watched this movie with my Mum on DVD years ago. I've already started reading this one and it's bringing back all these memories from the film. Turns out I remember the story a lot better than I thought. The cover is also so pretty! There was another copy of this book at the shop but I chose this one specifically because of how nice the front is. 

Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng
I hadn't heard of this book before picking it up but after reading the blurb, I really liked the sound of it. I'm also a huge fan of Jodi Picoult so the fact that she thought highly of it made me even more keen to read it. 

The Botanist's Daughter - Kayte Nunn
I have to admit, the cover definitely did a good job of drawing me in. I know you're not supposed to judge a book entirely on its cover but the pretty florals and pastel background really had that visual appeal. I also found the blurb really interesting so it was definitely a win-win situation.

Q: Have you read any of these books before?
Thanks for reading! 

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

When it comes to finding a job, timing is super important. 

You can have the ideal skills, qualifications and experience but if a business or company isn't looking for new employees then it's a lost cause right from the start. Ever since I left my last part time job a couple of weeks ago, I've been on the hunt for a new permanent role. I still have casual jobs that I do a couple times a month, but nothing on a fixed basis. I know everyone can probably relate when I say finding yourself a new job can be quite the journey and sometimes you end up where you least expected yourself to be. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Apply for jobs you think you'll be a good fit for but don't rule everything else out entirely. You never know what you can and can't do until your try. 

This is what my mentality was going into my last job. The one I decided to leave. I gave it my best shot. I embraced the new environment, co-workers and tasks given to me but in the end, it wasn't quite enough. That's another thing about jobs. You need to stay open minded but you shouldn't have to sacrifice your own happiness in the process. If a job is making you doubt yourself and what you know, then it might be worth looking elsewhere. The part time job was okay initially but after a while, I started to feel like my lack of knowledge in the field I was working in was slowing both me and my co-workers down. I could tell I wasn't the only one getting frustrated while working and this made me even more resentful of the job. Although it was quite hard for me to come to the conclusion that I wasn't all that good at the role I was in, I knew in my heart that there was no point forcing something that already wasn't working. 

Another thing I've found with jobs is that connections can really make a difference. Whether that person is telling you first hand about a role they have open or personally referring you to their boss/employer, having someone on the inside definitely has it's advantages. I don't think there's anything wrong with telling friends and family that you're looking for work. A couple of the jobs I've had, I heard about through people I knew. I feel like everyone understands how hard job hunting is so there's no reason why your friends and family won't want to help you.

These are just a couple of things that have been on my mind recently in terms of finding work. Let me know your thoughts on the subject down below!

Q: How many jobs have you had in your life?
Thanks for reading!

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Friday, April 12, 2019

Speeches have always been my Achilles heel. I recently talked to a guy from my old Primary school and the one recollection he had of me is the time I cried before doing my speech in class. 

I was Year 4. 

I'd like to say I've improved since then but a couple of days ago, I had to give a presentation for one of my Uni courses and I was a nervous wreck. My voice was shaky, I kept fidgeting with my hands and to make matters worse, the slides from the powerpoint I prepared were all in the wrong order. I know there are a lot of people that struggle with public speaking so if you also fall under this category, I really hope this post helps with your next speech or presentation. 

Fake it Til You Make it
I tell myself this phrase all the time. The mind is a strange thing and pretending to feel a certain way can have a massive effect on how you actually feel. If you try and act like you're having a good time, you might start to actually enjoy yourself after a period of time. I can't say this always works but it definitely helps the audience engage more with what you're saying. 

Don't Overthink it
Cue cards are great but aren't always necessary. While it's good to prepare, don't overdo it to the extent that it feels unnatural. Having notes to refer to can sometimes stiffen you up while you're speaking. Of course you should go through what you want to talk about beforehand but don't dwell on this too much. Another thing to remember is to go into your speech with a positive frame of mind. Sometimes if you imagine everything to go wrong, you're almost willing it to happen.

Remember it's a Legitimate Fear 
If you're feeling anxious about going up in front of everyone to speak and your heart is beating a hundred miles per hour, chances are someone else is experiencing that exact same feeling. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being nervous to talk in front a crowd of people. It's scary having so many eyes on you at once. Don't dismiss your fear or tell yourself that you're being silly. In fact, acknowledge it. I had several people in my Uni class go up to the front and say they hated public speaking before their speech. Sometimes addressing your fear can make it seem a lot more okay. 

Q: Do you like public speaking?
Thanks for reading!

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