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Friday, November 16, 2018

My Bullet Journal Essentials

When it comes to bullet journalling, everyone has their must-have supplies. It took some research and a bit of trial and error to get to mine but I'm really happy with the tools and equipment I use today. Here they are! 

(Black Fineliners) Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen XS and Uni Pin Fineliner 0.3
I use these pens for drawing outlines and writing text. The Faber Castell fineliner is my go-to when it comes to noting things down however if I want to decorate my spreads with little doodles or illustrations, I'll use the Uni Pin fineliner as it is slightly thicker and bolder. 

(Calligraphy Pen) Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen Soft Tip
This is the pen I like to use for titles and headers. If you're interested in learning calligraphy then I'd highly recommend the Tombow brand. Their pens are really easy to practice stroke control with. 

(White Gel Pen) Uniball Signo Broad UM - 153
Mistakes and slip ups are inevitable when bullet journalling which is why this gel pen really comes in handy. If it's a small typo, I can easily cover it up. Not only is it a great correction pen, it's also a great pen to write with. White text on black looks really effective. 

Highlighters are a recent addition to my bullet journal essentials but I've been finding them super useful. They're great if I want to emphasise on something I've written. They also add a nice pop of colour to my typically monotone pages. 

(Washi Tape)
Last but not least, washi tape. I'm not a huge fan of glueing things down in my bullet journal so a strip of washi tape is a great alternative. That way, if I want to remove it later on, it's no hassle to do so. This is also another way for me to make my spreads a little more colourful. 

Thanks for reading! What are your bullet journal essentials? 


  1. I don't have a bullet journal although i have been thinking of starting one! That washi tape is so cute!

  2. Your photos are a pastel lovers dream! I don't really have any essentials apart from a pack of multi-coloured pens and pencils which come in really handy when I'm colour coding my blogging schedule! :)


  3. The pastel pens are super pretty colours! I tried to bullet journal last year and then forget to write in it haha!

    Ellie //

  4. I'd love to start bullet journalling soon so I'm definitely going to keep this post in mind when I get round to buying some supplies! I'm always looking for more ways to be creative and keep organised so this sounds like such a great way to do that. Thanks for sharing x

  5. This is such a great post! I don't have a bullet journal but I do my blog planner bullet journal style and I absolutely love picking things up for it. Currently making a list of everything I need for 2019 so this is perfect x


  6. I LOVE washi tape!! I use it for so many crafty things but I do wish it was a little more stronger sticking. I wish I was creative and neat enough to do a bullet journal but unfortunately not, I hope someone brings a pre-made one out eventually!
    Alice Xx

  7. I love the faber castell pens! They've been a staple for my bullet journal. I need need to invest in more washi tape though! Loved this ✨

    Evie x ||

  8. I love using washi tape in my journal! At the minute I just use biros (eh) so I really need to invest in some nice pens! xx

  9. I LOVE thin pens! The finer the better. You're on point with your calligraphy pen! STICKERS is a must for my bullet journals. I hate using them but it's either use or lose! The more colorful pens I have, the better, hehe. Thanks for sharing your bullet journal essentials!

    Nancy ♥

  10. My bullet journal started out quite colourfully, with marker pens, highlighters, and a scrapbook vibe. It's become quite basic and black recently though so your lovely pictures are inspiring me to change that from next year now, thank you! X

    Lisa |

  11. I always love your photos - they always look so pretty! I do love writing with thin pens - the ones you have on show here look perfect for bullet journals. I would really love to be creative and start a bullet journal - reading posts like this really inspire me to!


  12. Lovely photos and lovely items! I would be lost without my highlighters! I have a habit of buying more everytime I go shopping :)

  13. Your photos are so beautiful! I have so much washi tape from when I first started my bullet journal, I recently found that Poundland sells packs of 3 so I may have stocked up a little!

    Tori |

  14. The white gel pen is a fantastic idea! I always worry about making mistakes so this will solve that! I really love washi too, the more colourful the better! Thank you for sharing Annie, gorgeous photos too <3 xx

    Bexa |


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