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Saturday, July 1, 2017

What Type of Blogger Are You? - Quiz

In today's post, I'm doing something a little bit different. I'm going to see if I can guess what kind of blogger you are. All you have to do is grab a piece of paper and for each question write down the letter beside the statement you think fits you the most. Your most common letter should reveal what type of blogger you are. Let me know if I got it right or if I got it completely wrong!

1. My go-to social media app is...
A: Pinterest.
B: Twitter.
C: Bloglovin'.
D: Instagram.

2. My bedroom wall is...
A: Painted in my favourite colour by yours truly. 
B: Covered from floor to ceiling in photos of my best friends and I.
C: Used as a space to display my favourite newspaper articles and magazine clippings.
D: Decorated with pretty prints and canvases. 

3: The quote I believe in most is...
A: "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." 
B: "The best vitamin for making friends: B1."
C: "Books are a uniquely portable magic."
D: "When life gets blurry, adjust your focus." 

4. I'm really good at...
A: Using my hands to create things.
B: Speaking in public or group situations.
C: Reading several books at once.
D: Keeping a daily journal.   

5: The word that speaks to me the most is...
A: Make.
B: Voice.
C: Express.
D: Record.

6: On a Saturday afternoon, you'll find me...
A: Either in my own art studio or exploring someone else's. 
B: In town, where I am constantly surrounded by people.
C: At the local bookstore or library.
D: Somewhere scenic with the most picturesque views. 

7: The pet peeve I can relate to the most is...
A: When someone tells me that my work needs improvement but can't give any valid advice.
B: When the person I've been talking to for the past 5 mins hasn't listened to a word I've said.
C: When the person who borrowed my book, still hasn't given it back a year and a half later. 
D: When someone I've just taken a photo for asks another person to take the exact same shot. 

8. I think the three words that best describe me are...
A: Imaginative, crafty and fun.
B: Friendly, bubbly and talkative.
C: Inspiring, helpful and strong.
D: Diligent, ambitious and thoughtful.

9: I really need new...
A: Sketchbooks because my current ones are filled to the brim. 
B: Postcards to send to my pen pals overseas.
C: Stationery because you can never have enough cute notebooks and pens. 
D: Stickers for the holiday scrapbook I'm putting together. 

10: I started a blog because... 
A: I needed a another creative outlet.
B: I wanted to meet other bloggers.
C: I love writing so much.
D: I wanted to share my photos with the world. 

You are.......

(Mostly A's)
The Photoshop Pro
The aesthetic of your blog is very important to you. You're very considerate towards the design of your web page and are more than willing to spend hours on a header and sidebar graphics. People are very impressed by your originality and ability to think outside the box. You're a creative blogger who is skilful with both a pen on paper and a mouse on screen.

(Mostly B's)
The Social Butterfly
You love connecting with your readers as well initiating conversation with your fellow bloggers on social media. Being part of the blogging community is very special to you and you make sure to express this through your constant interaction with others. You're an outgoing blogger and an online friend to everyone you meet.

(Mostly C's)
The Content Creator
You're a natural writer who is able to transfer their thoughts onto a page with ease. You know what you want to say and have no trouble communicating this through your writing. Most of the time, the content you produce is very close to your heart and because of this, you're able to get a message across to your readers. You're a passionate blogger and very talented with your words.

(Mostly D's)
The Camera Expert
Taking photos is your forte and behind the camera is where you feel right at home. Photography is the main reason you decided to start up your own web page and this is definitely evident in your blog. All your images are perfectly shot with the best lighting, angles and props. You're an artistic blogger and have your online portfolio to prove it.

Thanks for doing the quiz! 


  1. I managed to get both C and D, which I guess is kind of true, as I love both aspects of blogging! Great post, this is such a fun idea!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Hannah! I'm glad it was kind of accurate for you! :-) AnnieChanie

  2. I've got mostly C's and A's haha so that makes me a creative aesthetic mix! What a great little quiz x

    1. Thank you Kayleigh! You're very similar to me! AnnieChanie

  3. I got the content creator! Ahh! I figured ;) Haha, this is a great great idea of a post, loved it!

    1. Yay! Thank you, that makes me so happy! I'm glad you enjoyed it! AnnieChanie

  4. You nailed it. I am a social butterfly! Great quiz!!!


    1. Thanks so much Lauren! I'm so happy my quiz was able to get it right! :-) AnnieChanie

  5. I forbid mostly B's I really loved this twist on a blog post! Never read a quiz before!! Loved it. X

    1. Thank you for your comment Chelsea! I'm definitely going to do something like this again! AnnieChanie

  6. Nailed it!! I love writing and I got content creator!! loved this fun post xox

    1. That's great! Yay! Thanks so much Chloe! AnnieChanie

  7. Amazing i got D which is what i am i love taking pictures. such a fun post! loveed it xx

    Sidra x

    1. I'm so glad you think so Sidra! Thank you for your lovely comment! AnnieChanie

  8. What an amazing idea! Love this

    1. Thanks Nicole! That's so sweet of you to say! AnnieChanie

  9. I got C & D, both are extremely true. I love writing & I love photography. Great quiz, I enjoyed taking it.

    - Beth
    Quirks and Queries

    1. Thanks for taking the quiz Beth! I'm so happy you liked it! AnnieChanie

  10. I got Photoshop Pro! If only that was the case haha, I agree with the rest though - pretty accurate!
    X Izzy

    1. Oh no! I'm sorry it didn't work for you this time round! Hopefully I'll get it right in my next quiz! :-) AnnieChanie

  11. I'm mostly b! Sounds quite a bit like me

    Tasha x

    1. Thanks for the comment Tasha! I'm glad you can see a bit of yourself in The Social Butterfly! AnnieChanie

  12. I got mostly B's and I have to say it does fit me quite well! Love this idea for a post x

    Alybell | UK Personal Style & Beauty Blog

    1. That's great! Thank you for such a nice comment Alice! AnnieChanie

  13. Great idea for a post! I got mostly C's, which I think is pretty accurate tbh. If I'd have got any other letter I would have questioned it haha x

    1. Thanks Jade! Haha, I'm glad it worked out for you! :-) AnnieChanie

  14. I got mostly C's! I write about topics that I'm most passionate about, so I think that is true!x

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! That's great that you choose to write about things that you feel most strongly about. AnnieChanie


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