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Monday, October 16, 2017

What Season Are You? - Quiz

In this quiz, we're focusing on seasons! If all goes well your answer should match up to your favourite time of year but I can't guarantee this will work for everyone. If you want to give this quiz a go, all you have to do is grab a piece of paper and for each question write down the letter beside the statement you think fits you the most. Your most common letter should reveal whether you're autumn, summer, winter or spring in terms of personality and lifestyle. Let me know if I got it right or if I got it completely wrong! 

1. If I could control one of the four elements, it would be...
A) Fire 
B) Water
C) Wind
D) Earth

2. When I wake up in the morning, I like to...
A) Open the curtains to let in the sunlight. 
B) Snuggle back under the covers and rest my eyes a little longer.
C) Go to the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. 
D) Jump out of bed and get straight into the day. 

3. When it comes to baking, I know how to make the best...
A) Banana muffin.
B) Ginger slice. 
C) Chocolate chip cookie.
D) Carrot cake.

4. My favourite type of flower are...
A) Marigolds.
B) Snowdrops.
C) Daisies.  
D) Daffodils.

5. I can't help but smile at the sound of...
A) Waves lapping the shore.
B) Rain pattering on my window at night.
C) Leaves crunching under my shoes. 
D) Birds chirping in the early morning.

6. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be...
A) Sydney, Australia!
B) Moscow, Russia!
C) Los Angeles, USA!
D) Tokyo, Japan!

7. I really like the girl's name...
A) Cora.
B) Elsa. 
C) Hazel.
D) Daisy.

8. When I was younger, I used to...
A) Collect seashells at the beach.
B) Jump in rain puddles.
C) Try catch falling leaves.
D) Make daisy chains at the park. 

9. If I could have any mystical creature as a pet, it would be a...
A) Dragon.
B) Baby yeti.
C) Phoenix.
D) Unicorn.

10. The next time I'm out, I think I'll treat myself to a...
A) A new pair of sunglasses.
B) A wooly rug for my room.
C) A cinnamon scented candle.
D) A cup of strawberry frozen yogurt. 

You are.......

(Mostly A's)
Long days outside, picnics by the beach, bike rides with family and pool days with friends. You're a summer kind of person and your adventurous, carefree nature reflects these warm holiday months perfectly. 

(Mostly B's) 
Lazing by the fire, drinking homemade hot cocoa and watching your favourite festive film on the TV. You're a winter kind of person and when the weather's cool you like nothing more than spending cosy nights in.

(Mostly C's)
Going for hikes, collecting armfuls of leaves, kite flying and finding pumpkin recipes online. You're an autumn kind of person and because of your love for Fall traditions, know all the best ways to get the most out of this time of year.

(Mostly D's)
Cleaning out the house, planting in the garden and admiring all the pretty nature. You're a spring kind of person and if anyone knows how to appreciate and share the beauty of this season with others, it's you! 

Thanks for taking the quiz!


  1. I really love these posts, and admire the work that goes in to them! I got mostly A's and C's which I'm happy about!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. Thank you Hannah, that means a lot! Yay, that's great! :-) AnnieChanie

  2. I really love this as a post idea, it's really cute and interactive too! I am mostly A's and C's, a mix of my two favourite seasons, so no complaints here! It was definitely hard to pick an answer to question nine though heheh, can I have them all?! ;-) Would love to see more quizzes from you in future!

    Abbey 😘

    1. Thanks so much Abbey! Haha, question nine is definitely a tough one! I still don't know which one I'd pick myself! I will definitely be posting more quizzes! They're so much fun to write! AnnieChanie

  3. Turns out I am spring! I quite like spring! and fall too! not too warm, not too cold, just perfect

    1. I definitely agree with you there! Summer can get too hot and winter can get too cold but spring and autumn are just right. Thanks for commenting! :-) AnnieChanie

  4. Turns out I'm Winter but that's what I expected. Just love to snuggle up ;)
    Lea, xx

    1. Yay, I'm so glad this quiz worked for you! Thanks so much for the comment Lea! :-) AnnieChanie

  5. I love posts like this I’m mostly as and C’s really! I love reading your quiz posts so much! Also lovely photography too x

    1. Aww, thank you so much Kayleigh! That makes me so happy! I really appreciate your feedback. :-) AnnieChanie

  6. Never read a post like this before and I love it! You blog photography is beautiful btw and I'm an autumn baby haha x

    Morgan //

    1. Thank you Morgan! That's really sweet of you to say! Haha, that's so cool! :-) AnnieChanie

  7. Hi, I loved reading this post, I was autumn 😊🍃🍁🍂

    1. Thank you! Oooh, Autumn definitely seems to be the most common outcome! :-) AnnieChanie

  8. I really enjoyed this, I got Autumn but I do love all seasons in many ways :) x

    1. I'm the same! I like the different seasons for different reasons. Glad you enjoyed this quiz! Thanks for commenting! AnnieChanie

  9. I'm Autumn, yay! My faviourate season. Love this post, I've never seen one of these before 😊

    1. Yay! I'm glad to hear you got your favourite! Thanks so much for the feedback! :-) AnnieChanie

  10. This is such a great idea! Loved this post! Im a summer, but i do love Autumn too! Adorable! Just off to scroll back up so that I can follow you on all of your social media platforms. xx

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I'm glad you liked the quiz! I really appreciate your comment! :-) AnnieChanie

  11. I'm not surprised that I'm Winter. I love nothing more than snuggling up with a cuppa.

    1. Haha, that makes me so happy! So glad you got the answer you were expecting! Thanks for commenting! AnnieChanie


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