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Friday, July 20, 2018

How I Make my Photoshop Graphics

It's no secret that I love using Photoshop. Over the years, it's become a program that I feel really comfortable using. Having a blog has definitely given me an excuse to use the program on a more regular basis. Without Photoshop, I definitely wouldn't have the blog design I have today. For today's post, I thought it'd be fun to share how I make my Photoshop graphics. While I was taking the screenshots, I didn't realise how little steps were involved. It's definitely quite a straightforward process so if you were keen on making your own Photoshop graphics, hopefully it's easy to follow! 

1. First I upload an image of my choice into Photoshop. I like to lower the opacity percentage to between 30 and 40. This makes it easier for me to execute the next step. 
2. Next I select the pen tool and change it to stroke black, line weight 3pt. With my image for guidance, I'll trace around what will soon become the outline for my digital drawing. Once I've hid the image from the previous step, this is what I'm left with. 
3. When I'm happy with my outline, I move on to colouring. I add a base colour to all the main sections using the brush tool, while the more detailed sections - such as the flowers - are saved for a later step. 
4. The next thing I add to my digital drawing is tonal variation. The eyedropper tool really comes in handy for this step. It helps me find lighter and darker shades that are close to my base colour. I'll also refer back to my original image to make sure I'm adding tone in all the right places. 
5. In this final step, I finish up colouring anything I didn't complete beforehand. I also like to add a background colour to make the image really pop. 
Thanks for reading! 
*On a side note, what would you guys think if I were to start a "Draw my Followers" series on my blog? Let me know in the comment section below! 


  1. Oh wow that is so cool! I’m awful with photoshop but I’ll try my best to follow your steps and give it a go myself!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  2. Oh this post is so useful! I'm completely lost when it comes to photoshop so I'll definitely be saving this, graphics is something that I've been wanting to look into! Your designs are always so gorgeous! Thank you for this post! I'll be bookmarking this for sure x

    Evie x |

  3. Oh my gosh a draw my followers series sounds so cool! I'm a complete amateur with Photoshop and I'd really love to have the full version to experiment with. I absolutely love this little step by step and I'm definitely going to be trying this for myself as I've never experimented with any sort of editing like this!
    Alice Xx

  4. Wow! You’re very talented :) wish I was that good at photoshop

    Emma |

  5. This is incredible! Wish I was this creative x

  6. This is super talented! Great post I really enjoyed reading it

  7. This is so cool! It’s so interesting to see how this is done. Such a good outcome, too x

    Alex |

  8. Photoshop is such a magical tool. I really like how you did the outline of yourself! I always tried but had a hard time because of my shaky hands. You have such a talent! LOVE how this graphic turned out! Ok, you make me want to bust out my drawing tablet XD. YES!!! DO more of these series!!! :)

    Nancy ♥

  9. Your graphics are soo cool and I’d totally be interested in a draw my followers series (pick me haha)! I used to love using photoshop but I’ve been to tight to get it recently, this has made me want to get it again!
    Soph - x

  10. This is gorgeous! I've been using Photoshop since I was about 13 and I am 23 now. I haven't done much with creating digital images but I really want to get more into it now that I am blogging. I have made a couple of my blog headers but I need to branch out more. Love this post!

    xo, Kimberly

  11. That's amazing!!! I'm awful at Photoshop but you've made it look so easy now. It's something I'm trying to improve on though! x


  12. Wow this is so amazing - I’ve never used photoshop before but the tracing looks like it takes a certain type of artistry! How long does each drawing take? The detailing on the flowers are incredible, the little petals are drawn on perfectly! Amazing job!!


  13. This is so cool! I've never done any digital drawing before, but I used to play around on Photoshop years ago. This is so impressive, you're so talented! I think a drawing your followers serious would be cool - you could even do a little question and answer session with the blogger along with it, which would be lovely!

    Beka |

  14. I've always wondered how you created that drawing of yourself for your blog banner! So much easier than I thought. I have to go and play around with photoshop now haha :)

  15. I'm awful at photoshop,but this is so useful - way easier than I thought it would be. I love you're graphics,a drawing your followers series is such a cool idea.


  16. This is so awesome! Thankyou for the tips. I think I definitely need to give in and start using photoshop as the photo editing opportunities look soooo good.


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