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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Room Tour 2020

My bedroom is my absolute pride and joy. When I was away on my student exchange, I missed my family, my friends and last but not least, my room. I've done a room tour post on my blog for 2018 and 2019 and they're both two of my most popular posts to date. Honestly, not much has changed over the years but it's like a game of spot the difference. From a distance, the photos look pretty similar but then you take a closer look and all the finer alterations are revealed. I like to shuffle things around on a regular basis - it's a little bit of a hobby of mine! - so it's not surprising things aren't where they were in previous years. 

I made sure to take these photos on a day where the sun was shining. Unfortunately I only have natural light for a couple hours a day just because of where my room is in relation to the rest of the house. My window doesn't have the prettiest of views but a couple of years ago, I painted a couple of leafy branches on the wall just to give it a little bit of life. 

The black jewellery tree you see above is something I fished out of my drawers a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, I didn't think it fit the aesthetic of my room so I hid it away. I brought it out again and it's now one of my favourite items. I hung all my dangly earrings on it and am so happy with how it looks!



My desk space is probably my favourite spot in my entire room. It's become my ideal place for productivity and getting stuff done. I also think it's the area that undergoes the most changes whenever I'm doing one of my room revamps. Also how cute are the three pigs on my top shelf?! My dad got them for me last year as a farewell present before my exchange and I absolutely adore them!

Q: What's your fav part of your room? 


  1. I love the desk space, everything is well organized and looks pretty cool. And oh, the 3 pigs are so cute

  2. Love the pigs, you've really done a great job with the space you have.

  3. Your room looks so pretty! I love how you've done your bed with the throw and cushions. It looks so cosy!I want your desk setup too!! x


  4. The room looks really beautiful! It's so organized


  5. I love the aesthetic of your room, it's so pretty and I love your desk space! x

    Lucy |

  6. Oh my gosh Annie, your room is literally PERFECT. It's my ideal room. I love the colours, the organisation and the desk! *swoons* x


  7. Your room is so so beautiful! I love how feminine and elegant it is.

    Emily from xxx

  8. You have the prettiest room I love it!

    Amber - https://theunpredictedpage

  9. Your room is beautiful. It looks so clean and calm and just a perfect place to get productive at the desk and then relax in bed. Beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  10. Great post! Your room is so pretty and I love the colour scheme of it!

  11. I love your room! The photo collage is so nicely put together! I like that it is basically a mixture of different sceneries. I really like the black trees where you hang your earrings. Your desk is really neat too. I like that you just keep things to a minimum.

    Nancy ♥

  12. Oh my gosh, your room is absolutely gorgeous. I love how fresh and bright it looks - and I'm wincing looking around the mess that mine is in in comparison. I love seeing people's spaces!

    Lindsey |

  13. Gorgeous room, Annie - I believe it's so important to make our space lovely and welcoming. Your bedroom looks beautiful - no wonder you missed it when you were away!

  14. You have very nice and cosy room! And don't worry, that wall outside your window isn't the worst thing that could happen :D In your place, I would paint there something really cool... I don't know exactly what, but something like extra large flowers, so you can always feel like in a magical garden! Sounds good, right?! :)

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  16. I love your room. It is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it


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