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Friday, December 7, 2018

Festive Blog Prop Ideas/Haul

As I was preparing my flat lay for last week's blog post, I came to a sudden realisation. I have barely any festive themed blog props! In fact, I only had one Christmassy item in that photo and that was my pig decoration from last year's Tree Decoration Haul. This gave me an incentive to go to my nearest craft shop and buy a whole bunch of Christmas decor/supplies. I had a lot of fun picking these items out. There's definitely a pink and gold winter wonderland theme going on which I think you'll notice as you scroll through these photos! 

Golden Tree Branch
As soon as I entered the store, I headed straight to the artificial flower section. Artificial flowers are probably my favourite flat lay prop. They're great for placing in empty corners. This gold and glittery branch instantly caught my eye and I knew I couldn't not get it. 

Snowflake Tree Decorations
In terms of tree decorations, I felt very spoilt for choice. There were so many different shapes and designs to look through. In the end I went for these wooden snowflakes. It's not too obvious in the photo but they have a light dusting of gold paint over the them which I thought was really pretty. 

Star Confetti
I've seen a lot of people use confetti in their blog photos so I was really keen to try it out myself. I opted for these small silver stars. Sprinkling it around my set up was really fun and it gives my photos some extra sparkle which I love. 

Patterned/Glittery Paper
The last things I got were these two pieces of paper which serve as great photo backdrops. They both sort of remind me of snow. There's the white glittery one and the light pink one with the frost-like shapes. I'm super happy with them! 

Thanks for reading! What did you think of this haul? What did you like the most out of these items? 


  1. Oooh you picked up some gorgeous pieces, I'm a sucker for props for different seasons!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. I love those wooden snowflakes! They look so aesthetic xx

    Lucy |

  3. I love your selection! The colours are just beautiful together and the whole festive vibe is gorgeous. I think my favourites are the stars or the tree branch, although that pink backdrop is just gorgeous too. It's so funny how a few small items can really change the whole feel of your photos - stunning! :)
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  4. Great post as always! I currently just use star shaped baubles as props, I need to start getting more props 🙈

  5. They're all so pretty! I can't wait to see them used in your photos. My favourite is the golden tree branch, I need one of those in my life! x


  6. Pinning your post for inspiration as I, myself, am looking for budget-props for my blog photography. Using confetti sounds so much fun. Thank you for the recommendations <3.

  7. You're on point with your backdrops! I love the festive touches you've added! I need to get my hands on these for the holidays!! I love that the snowflake decorations are thick!! Thanks for sharing these recommendations :).

    Nancy ♥

  8. I absolutely love using confetti as props for my blog photos, although they are a bit of a nightmare to clean up afterwards! I love the idea of using a golden branch... Maybe I should get myself one, too!

    Lizzie // Hello Lizzie Bee

  9. These are some brilliant festive prop ideas! Glitter has to be my favourite at the moment, its so perfect for chrismtas.

    Mel 🌙 |

    Moonlight Mel

  10. Some lovely pieces. At the beginning of Decemembrr I realised this about my props! Now I've got some great Christmas ones! I love everything here, the theme is perfect and soo festive. Thank youu for sharing!

    Gemma |

  11. I love the pink & gold theme you've got going on here, the golden tree branch & glittery paper are my faves. x

  12. These are gorgeous props Annie! I especially love the wooden snowflakes, they are so pretty! I always admire your photography and your cute colour theme. These are great choices, thank you for the inspiration, I really want to buy some pretty Christmas decorations now just for blogging <3 xx

    Bexa |

  13. Some gorgeous ideas here, I'm a sucker for a good festive flatlay :)

    Kate |

  14. I love these! My favourite is the gold branch :)


  15. Great ideas! I have to go get some festive blog props, haven’t done it yet! The glitter paper is such a good idea!

  16. I needed this post for some inspiration! I don't think I have one Christmas prop either!! Off to the shop I go x

  17. I do love getting Christmas themed props! I got a mine a few weeks ago :P you bought some gorgeous Christmas props. I love the colour theme's you always go with - they are always gorgeous :) I love the patterned background especially!



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