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Friday, July 5, 2019

Photo Diary - Auckland, NZ


So if you look at the date of my previous post, you'll see that I've missed quite a few weeks of posting. I've been going through a really weird patch with my blog but I think I've managed to push past it now. My Uni break is coming to an end and even though I'm sad to lose my sleep ins, I'm glad to be able to start studying again. 

During my break, I was able to fly to Auckland for a shopping trip with my friend. Of course, I had to take some photos while I was there. The Sky Tower was definitely the subject of many of my photos. Probably because I saw it every day while I was in Auckland. Our hotel was super close to the Sky Tower so it was a great landmark for when we were lost and couldn't find our way back. I've only shared three photos here but trust me when I say there are many more on my camera and phone. The other photos are just ones I took around the CBD and Auckland Harbour. 



Thanks for checking out this week's post! 
Q: Have you travelled to Auckland before?


  1. I've never been to Auckland! Also, such beautiful pictures!! :D Have a wonderful day! <3

    Khadija | Creative Town Square

  2. I have missed your beautiful blog posts, glad to hear you are back on track. Your pictures look AMAZING. NZ is on our family bucket list - it's the one destination we really dream about getting to when the kids are a little older. Glad you had fun and good luck ging back to uni.

  3. Such gorgeous pictures, looks like you had a fab trip! Best of luck returning to Uni x

    Evie x |

  4. Welcome back from your Auckland trip! It is exciting that you got to explore a new city. I love the pictures that you took - the city looks so modern with its building designs. Glad you had a ton of fun. Love your white shoes by the way ;)!

    Nancy ♥

  5. I've never been to Auckland, your photos look incredible though! It's great that you were next to such a prominent landmark x


  6. I've never been to Auckland but it looks beautiful :) Your pictures are so lovely, especially adore the one of the harbour. I always feel so much more peaceful when I'm by the sea! Hope you enjoyed your trip :-)
    Alice Xx

  7. These photos are absolutely beautiful, Auckland looks like such a lovely place! The harbour looks so calm and peaceful. I'm glad you had a great trip Annie, thanks for sharing and all the best with your studies! <3 xx

    Bexa |


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