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Thursday, December 22, 2016

6 Tips For a Lazy Day

If I've had a crazy week, I try my best to fit in some downtime post Friday. For me, a busy week is one thing and a productive week is another. Whenever I have a productive week, I almost always take some time off for myself afterwards because personally, I can't fault a lazy day that's been well-earned. If I think I deserve it, I'm much less likely to feel guilty about it. As much as I like to stay on top of all my chores and responsibilities, I need my "do nothing" days every once in a while and if I spend Mon-Fri ticking off to-do lists, I'll definitely be treating myself to a relaxing, commitment-free weekend at home. Today I wrote out 6 things that for me, a lazy day must always consist of. Here's the list!

1. A Sleep-in
Stay in bed until your heart's content! No one should have to start off their lazy day with an early morning wake up. If you don't manage a satisfying 10 hour sleep throughout the night, don't hesitate to take a few naps on the couch throughout the day.

2. Bubble Bath
Make a bubble bath that really showcases your favorite scents and smells. If you know you're going to have a "do nothing" day sometime soon, go to your local bath and body store to stock up on bath bombs, bath oils and bath salts. For me, nothing beats a bubble bath on a lazy day.  

3. Comfy Clothing
Stay in your pajamas or get into your coziest combination of clothes. Throw on some fluffy socks for extra comfort. Don't worry about looks, just put on what's most comfortable because that will really lay the foundation for your lazy day. 

4. Snack Foods
While you're lounging around the house, keep snacks close by. When you're feeling a bit peckish, snack foods are the most convenient and hassle-free option. You can also eat them straight from the pack so there's no dish washing required. 

5. Screen-time

Watch something on your TV or laptop. Try and keep some distance from your phone as the instant texts and notifications can be really distracting. Get comfy with a bunch of pillows and a warm blanket then put on your favorite movie or online web show. 

6. A Good Book
I find reading really therapeutic so I consider it the perfect activity for a lazy day. If you don't want to read throughout the day, take a book to bed and do a bit of reading before you go to sleep. It's a much better alternative to looking at a device.

So there you have it, my 6 tips for a lazy day. 
How do you like to spend a quiet day at home?

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