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Friday, March 31, 2017

Displaying Your Polaroids

Ever since I got my Instax Mini 8 camera a year and a half ago, I've accumulated quite a number of polaroid pictures. One of my favourite things about this kind of photo is that they're slightly unpredictable. You can't really trial a shot when camera film is involved so you're never guaranteed a perfect turn out. I think it's nice the way the image doesn't always come out the way you expect it to. It makes it much more exciting. With my collection of little images, there's always plenty for me to put on display. I've found that there are quite a few fun and creative ways to showcase your photos so I decided that for an inspiration post, I would share some of these ideas with you today. Here they are! 

Make Wall Art With Them

Use your polaroids to liven up any plain space you may have in your room. If you don't have any posters or wall stickers handy, polaroids are a great alternative. You could use them to form a shape or simply stick them up in rows. It's a simple and fast way to revamp any blank wall.

Attach Them to Some Cord
If you have a ledge shelf in your room, you could use a long piece of cord and drape it along the edge. Then just use small magnets to attach your polaroids. A photo garland can be nicer than any store bought room decoration because its more personalised to a specific person. Fairy lights and scrapbook die cuts also make a nice addition to this polaroid display. 

Make a Hanging Photo Mobile
All you need is a branch for the base of your mobile, some twine, some mini pegs and some beads or feathers to decorate. Then the design of your mobile is completely up to you. If you can't find a nice branch, a coat hanger works just as well. This display is easy to move/shift and is ideal for those who, like me, are constantly rearranging their room. 

Frame a Few of Your Favourites
Find some frames and then place a polaroid inside each one. To stylise this display, you could use washi tape to border your mini photo inside or make a pretty backdrop with watercolour paints. Place the frames on your desk or bedside table and keep your favourite memories close by. 

Thanks for reading this post! Let me know what you like taking photos of the most? 


  1. Polaroids are so cute and I love all of these idea! I'm going to try and make a scrapbook out of mine!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush♡

    1. Hi Hannah! Thanks for your comment! I love that idea! In fact, I might give it go with some of the polaroids I took overseas. Make a whole scrapbook dedicated to that holiday! AnnieChanie

  2. Aw this is so pretty! Love your photos. I'm currently trying to think of ways to display my photos in my room instead of having them all stuck to my wardrobe looking all tacky.

    Abs x

    1. Haha, thank you so much for your comment! I hope you found these ideas useful then! I would definitely recommend Pinterest for more inspiration! AnnieChanie


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